Funds under management:
Patribond, Patrival

Global Equities with no investment restrictions

Patrival, registered on March 7th, 2007, replacing the fund known as Gestiglobal. Thus, for analytical and comparison purposes this date should be considered as the initial date as it is registered under the new name Patrival in the records of the CNMV. It is managed by Patrivalor SGIIC SA.
Quarterly Report
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Management will take the benchmark of (40%) Stoxx 600 Net Return Index, (20%) S&P 500 Net Total Return y (40%) Index Euro Deposit O/N Currency. as the reference. The Fund invests, either directly or indirectly in equities and fixed income, public or private (including deposits within one year of credit institutions of the EU or unlisted instruments that meet specific standards of solvency and that are liquid).

Investment Style

Global equities, value investing philosophy. It has a wide range of investment with no investment restrictions.

More aggressive than Patribond as it may have 99% exposure to equities. Intended for investors who want to have total exposure to markets.

Management fee: 1.30%
Depositary: Cecabank
Rating Morningstar Global:
Rating Lipper


Patrival Return Analysis